Järvemetsa Preservation Fund / Säilitamise Fond

Help preserve and maintain our precious “Lakewoodi Laager” campgrounds for our Estonian Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in the future.  The time to act to support our youth is now!

Our First Fundraisers
Suur Lõke 2023

Please make a  TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation!

Checks written to: FAAEY

Mail to: FAAEY Treasurer
P.O. Box 1107, Jackson, NJ 08527
email: treasurer@jarvemetsa.org

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Owned and operated by: Federation of Associations for the Advancement of Estonian Youth (FAAEY) known as Eesti Skaudi- ja Gaidisõprade Seltside Liit USAs (ESGSSL USAs). FAAEY is a registered U.S. non-profit organization organized under IRC §501(c)(3). For donations of $250 or more, a written receipt will be provided. For donations less than $250, your cancelled check or Paypal confirmation serves as a receipt.

Liivaloss Suvelaager 2023